You get what you pay for!

Recently I tried a budget SUV in Europe. A brand new one. It actually looks ok, but inside of the car everything felt cheap and not only that there was so many sounds, rattles and noises that it almost made me crazy! But you really get what you pay for and and buying a cheap SUV is not always the answer to your SUV dreams even though it is cheap. The resell value of a cheap new SUV is very low and you will loose a lot of money. It is much better to get a car or SUV that is just a little bit more expensive and first and foremost get a better car and secondly a safer car and thirdly overall you will be more happy! There is a blog that writes about new cars and compares them. Very good car news blog that you can find here. CAR REVIEWS  

audi a7 2018 premium best products and consumer reports
Audi A7 2018 Test Drive

Buying a car is a big financial decision for most people

Buying a car is a big financial decision for most people. Only few people can pay cash up front for a new car. Most will have to pay through finance loan plans or car leasing. And that is also why you need to be 100% sure that you really want the car you are looking at. And there are several things you should do before signing any contract. First do your research from home and find the right car for you. Read the consumer reviews and fault reports. Make sure to read the bad reviews as well to get a clear idea about the cars ability or lack of. Make sure how much you wanna pay for a car. Go for a test drive or two! Visit several car dealers to get the best deal. I will write more about cars and general investment and where to get the best insurances. Please share this blog post.

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Car Reviews Finance Car Loan

Electrical cars and hybrid cars are being overhyped promoted

Electrical cars and hybrid cars are being promoted by the political climate organization and their supporting journalists. These organization have hired political lobbyist to promote their agenda to further their business plans. And when then whole diesel gate scandal happened these lobbyist smelled blood. And even though both new gasoline cars and diesel cars with euro 6 is polluting much less than before, suddenly they are public enemy number one. Something ain right here…. have these organizations consider how much these new car batteries are polluting the environment and what about the production of these batteries? But I guess that electric cars will become better and better with new types of batteries. And in a few years there will be much more electric cars.but i still think there will be gasoline cars in the future. But they will be much more sufficient and environmental friendly. But if the millions of people are going to buy these cars, the price has to be lower. Right now, it is only the few who can afford it. Please share and come back to my car news blog. Mazda is on the front when it comes to design and honestly consumers like designs. The new Mazda 3 KAI concept looks very promising.

mazda 3 concept 2018
Mazda 3 2018 2019 KAI concept